Inquiry Submission By Bucefalo_Simi

Hello everyone,

i’m just back ( 15 march 2020) from Phnom Penh !

let me start to say that the city is far better than my expectations !!!

I’ll give you some info to other future travellers


yes let me start with this cause many people ( before me going there ) were asking and arguing about SAFETY in this pretty city : I had ZERO problems and nothing has been stolen and NONE tried to snatch anything ! I’m a 43 male , small 😉 i write this cause you might imagine me like a HUGE fighter or something like that lol ! STILL people there ( local and other travellers ) told me that they were bag snatched or wallet taken or things like that . I was going around with my backpack (covered with one of those rain proof cover .. ) , on the scooter , by day, by night everywhere also in pub area and never i had one single situation !

so it is safe ? has been 100% SAFE but as i said other people reported about this little crimes so BE CAREFUL!

2 – scooter

i love to rent scooter in Asia and travel around… scooter has been costing 7usd per day and while in other countries i could get good prices if rented for longer period, here they didn’t give me even one cent of discount lol ! i drove it 50KM away from phnom Penh , roads are generally much better than in italy ahaha ( i was surprised ) while if u program to visit TONLE BAHTI well prepare yourself cause they are enlarging and rebuilding the main road , you better have a mash cause you’ll breath whatever, traffic jams … but still was fun!

Police checks : i’ve seen several but they never cared to stop me.. lucky? maybe

how do they drive? . ok.. they really drive like sh*t ! now i’m a talented and experienced driver and i had no fear but if you are a newbie maybe renting scooter is not the best idea !

The drive in wrong direction … while using smartphone , not giving a f*** if you are on the right side of the road .. LOL ! traffic lights ? green is green and red.. well sometimes is GREEN as well !

prices : they are extremely good… even when you are treated as a tourist !

taxi : since 1st moment (at airport ) i’ve been relaying on GRAB and never had one single problem .. just something to warn you … if you get your grab taxi from airport it’ll be waiting your OUTSIDE and not in the parking inside … it took me awhile to understand it LOL!

people: simply amazing, nice, kind, helpful like in thailand but somehow more kind !!!

club / sky bar : many sky bar in the city .. amazing view !!! club in red light district by night you have a variety of bar to choose

one cool thing is that with few euro you can gain access to hotel/club swimming pool.. that is a good way to relax in the hot afternoon !

sim card : bought SMART sim card for less than 5 euro with some GB already ! to have enough for your holiday you’ll need to ask t a re-seller (or get SMART APP on your mobile) to have the GB option.. i don’t remember exactly the name but for 2/3 extra euro you have enough GB to cover your entire stay !!!

ATM : they generally ask 5 euro commission…actually the cheaper solution is exchange money

but be careful, whenever they see ” worn out ” money they’ll start to check and probably they won’t get those papers !!! it happened to me with a couple of paper money !

if you have any question or want to know more just ask me , i’ll be happy to help you !