Inquiry Submission By Lize L

Major warning! This company is appalling! They need to be shut down. My sister and I paid $45 USD each to get a bus that was meant to be 18 hours direct from Siem Reap to Vientaine. Instead we changed buses several times and had several long and unexplained delays, meaning we only reached the boarded by 6pm and had to pay the “late fine” with our visa. The whole thing was a scam. They left my sister and I in a town with no idea where we were at 7.30 at night telling us “no more bus till tomorrow” so we were forced to stay the night in the 4000 islands. Next day and the bus only got us as far as Pakse where we were told to wait for 2-3 hours till our night bus would arrive. Finally making it to our destination 48hours later. We also were travelling with a guy who had his ticket taken off him by the driver for some reason and wouldn’t give it back. They got into a big fight but in the end he managed to get a new ticket at the station free of charge.

Just total bulls***. Save yourself the drama and do anything but by a ticket with this company!!!