Inquiry Submission By lilahpotatoes


Been looking into staying koh rong for 4 nights. We are a young couple going on vacation. We are looking for nice quiet beaches and the idea of ‘getting away from it all’, but at the same time we are also big foodies and would totally enjoy going to check out different places to eat/relax/etc. I was looking into staying on coconut beach (coconut paradise bungalows) – which has great reviews. The place itself seems remote and kindof magical. I like that. I was wondering how we could get to koh toch village to try / see some different stuff? I saw the option of fishing boats… but I read about kayaks so maybe that could also be fun//

Then I started to read about pure vita on long set which also looked amazing. The lure is that we could walk to koh toch in 30 min and get a bit of change of pace, but also the area itself seemed pretty nice and secluded.

Any thoughts?! Suggestions? Cant find much about comparisions between the two beaches. Also if another beach is better than please suggest away :)!!!!!!!