Inquiry Submission By MY D C



V„ntande omd”me

BEWARE OF SCAM, do not use their services!

Please reconsider if you are going to take the bus Phnom Penh-Ho Chi Minh with this Kumho Samco Buslines. My family and I were thrown out of the bus and left by ourselves at the boarder the company. There was “apparently” something wrong with my visa and some guy from the embassy was supposed to help us with applying for a visa. They charged us 200 US dollars, even tough we knew and made a point about it only being 35 dollars. But we were left with no choice but to pay the 200 dollars since we were left stranded at the boarder. The company and their employees probably work together with the officials at the embassy to scam tourists!

Reconsider choosing another bus company since Kumho Samco Buslines do not care for their costumers and SCAM them for large amount of money!!