Inquiry Submission By Tony West

Hey! I wanted to share my experience going from Cambodia (Phnom Penh) to Laos (Pakse) by bus, because I was not able to find that much updated information before hand on the internet or by asking around in Phnom Penh.

I had read Sorya had a direct connection, but when I asked them, turns out they had closed it. I failed to find an alternative.

Instead, I took a night bus to Stung Treng, near the Laotian border.

I used Viral Buntham (10$), the bus leaving from their ‘hospital’ stop next to the night market at 9.30pm (go there an hour earlier! They put you in a shuttle to the actual bus at around 9.00). Take warm clothes, they set their AC to ‘Arctic’.

We arrived to Stung Treng at 6am, I got another ticket to Pakse also from the Virak Buntham office which opens at 7am. The bus leaves at 10am (15$). Nearby there is also a Sorya office, and turns out they also have a bus to Pakse at 12.30. I heard there were more mini-van services, but I didn’t check any.

The trip to Laos was pretty straightforward. I had gotten my Laos visa in the Phnom Penh embassy a few days before. The bus drops you off at the Cambodian side and you need to walk across. You get the exit stamp from Cambodia, and the entry one in Laos (2$ each). If you don’t have the visa yet, I believe you can get it on arrival depending on your country. Its around 35$.

A Virak Buntham bus collects you on the other side of the border and takes you on to Pakse. Whole trip is about 6 hours