Inquiry Submission By Working Nomad

After a lengthy conversation with Giant Ibis, they have admitted they will take $5 from everyone at the border to process the visas. I have a visa already and more than capable of walking 100 meters between the border (which I did in the past).

I am not worried about facing up to any intimidation, but I am worried about the bus driving off without me and with my luggage.

So can someone recommend another bus company that don’t scam you in this way? I don’t care about the condition of the bus!

I also want to ensure the immigration person sees my 3 month visa and not just stamp me 15 days visa waiver. My passport is packed full of one page visas, and it might be easy to miss. I know it’s unlikely, but I just want to do the process myself.

…and yes I resent paying $5 extra when there is no mention if this on the website, and the staff gives me some BS about a $5 police fee!