Inquiry Submission By Crawlabout

Good afternoon again ­čÖé

I have what is probably a very silly question (apologies) but I wanted to double check.

On looking at advice on visiting the temples I have seen lots of advice recommending that you buy your tickets after 5pm the day before, so you get a free sunset visit and skip the morning crowds to get to the park early.

This seems to be directed towards visitors with a one day pass. I understand that if you buy a 3 day pass then you can request these days to be spread across a 7 day period. So am I right in thinking you could go to the ticket office anytime the day before you plan to first visit (we arrive 10am ish) and ask for the pass to begin the next day? I ask as we are planning to go on a food tour on our first evening and so won’t be able to visit the ticket office after 5pm, which seems to be the time quoted everywhere.

I know it will be an extra journey to the ticket office and back on the first day but it seems like it would be worth it to have it sorted and to have the chance to get to the temples earlier on our first day of using the pass.

Again, help is much appreciated!