Inquiry Submission By Nicolas L

Dear Lonely Planet,

I am planning a trip from Saigon to Bangkok and was hoping I could do it by motorbike. My plan was to buy a used bike in Saigon (300-500$) and crossing to Cambodia, then go to Phnom Penh, Kampot, Sihanoukville and cross at southern Koh Kong border towards Tart and Koh Chang. Ultimately finishing in Bangkok.

Now I?ve been doing my research and it saw contradicting reports on border crossings.

First and foremost, it seems unlikely I?ll be able to cross the Cambodian/Thai border with my Vietnamese bike, even with the blue card. And even if I do, I?ll be expected to leave the country with the bike, right? Or face heavy fining.

I?m fine leaving my bike in Cambodia and doing the rest of the trip by buses but I?m still hoping I can cross the Vietnam/Cambodia border without too much of a hassle?

Is this possible?

Will they also stamp my passport to make sure I need to bring back to bike to Vietnam?

What if I plan to give the bike as a gift in Cambodia before leaving the country? Will this be an issue when I cross the border to Thailand? Will they ask me ?where?s the bike?? at the border?

Hope you can help a little!