Inquiry Submission By Kristyrad


My parents (senior citizens) and I are planning a trip to Malaysia in late August 2020 for a family wedding (its a fancy Indian wedding) and wanted to explore either Cambodia or Bali during that visit.

I live in the US and my parents will be coming from India. We may need to fly in to KL since that me cheaper and then take a domestic flight to Penang both ways from what I can tell so far. Can anyone share their experience with this or provide us with some feedback?

Regarding the trip itinerary, I need some suggestions please as to where to go etc. We are not crazy about beaches and more into sight seeing and history. Since we used to live in Malaysia we are not planning to visit anywhere else in the country and have about 8 days or so to spend in Bali or Cambodia. My dad suggested we visit Cambodia for history and mom is keen on Bali due to scenic aspect so I was trying to see where can we best spend the 8 days we have. I do not think we can do both places and see the highlights in each but I am not sure.

Will appreciate the input from travel experts regarding this! Thank you!!!