Inquiry Submission By BudgieSuit

Looking to plan a 2/3 week trip to Cambodia & Vietnam. Have gone blind looking at tours most of which, certainly in Cambodia, all appear to visit same/similar locations.

I’ll start with return flights from UK.

1. Are you cheaper to get a return to /from a single location or is it easier to start and stop in different locations/countries. e.g. start in Hanoi and finish in Siem Reap or start and end in Phnom Penh?

So many questions…

Because of distance involved eating into time I’m considering restricting Cambodia down to 2 main stops on this trip: Siem Reap 4 days and Mondulkiri 2/3 days.

2. Travelling from Siem to Mondulkiri looks to be around 9 hours travelling is it worth considering a stop overnight (or 2) en route?

2a. If so, where?

After Mondukiri we’d be heading into Vietnam.

3. Would we be better off taking a bus from Phnom Penh to Da Nang or flying to Hanoi and travelling down to Da Nang from there.

…and all this leads back to the earlier point of flights from UK as to where to start and stop. I’m sure that any replies I get will lead to more questions so I bow to your superior knowledge.

Edited: 10:18 am, November 10, 2019