Inquiry Submission By Jack-Jack-Jackie

Hello fellow TA’ers

In April 2020 I will be travelling with my husband and Miss 14 to Cambodia for the first time. We love Asia, frequent Bali and have visited Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam in the past.

We fly in and out of PP and have 14 days to explore. We would love to fit in as much as possible, without constantly being on the move and ensuring we have enough down time to chill out. This is what I’ve planned so far as our destination bases:

Phnom Penh x 2n – late arrival + 1 full day

Siem Reap x 6n – private car transfer + 5 full days

Phnom Penh x 2n – private car transfer + 1 full days

Kampot x 3n – private car transfer + 2 full days

Phnom Penh x 2n – private car transfer + 1 day (late checkout)

I have had a quick squiz at the information already available on TA and will continue to do more reading/research, but would really appreciate any suggestions you have to ensure our visit will be exciting, relaxing and memorable.