Inquiry Submission By Christiaan-Hom

Good day fellow travellers

I would really appreciate some advice and guidance,

My wife and I are planning a holiday trip to Asia and one of the countries we would want to visit is Cambodia. Since we are both South African citizens we would need Visas in order to enter Cambodia. However this is basically the only thing we are sure of regarding the whole Cambodian Visa thing. We have spent hundreds of hours surfing the web to try and find out what the exact procedure is to obtain said Visas. Although we found several informative web sites each has its own and totally different procedures, requirements and cost for Cambodian Visas and seeing that there is no Cambodian Consulate or Embassy in South Africa we can?t even go and asked directly at the source. Right now we are so confused and frustrated that we are considering changing our itinerary and totally skipping Cambodia as a whole, but yes we know we would regret it later.

I?m sure there are other South Africans out there that have travelled to Cambodia recently and know all there is to know about this subject. I now appeal to you to please help me. Can someone please give us some clear and honest guidance on the following?

What are the different types or Visas for Cambodia (if different types do exist)?

How do we apply for any of these types of Visas?

What documents and paperwork do we need in order to apply for a Visa?

What is the actual cost for a Visa?

Any recommended read up?s?


Christiaan & Debbie