Inquiry Submission By genesis2

Hello! We would love to go to Cambodia in August next year if we can afford it! Skyscanner are currently quoting around œ600 each for a ticket from London to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap Is this as good as it gets for this destination or is it worth hanging on|? I am keen to get accommodation booked but until flights are in place I cannot do this.

Does anybody have any other ideas how to visit Cambodia for less in August? As there are five of us cost is really an issue unfortunately. The children are all school age (10, 13, 14), so no alternative to August. I am tempted to book at œ3000 but would be very sad if ticket costs suddenly dropped. We could fly into Singapore for a bit less (œ2200) then get a flight, but cost of accommodation there is expensive so not sure that is a better option overall.

If anybody has any ideas how we can visit Cambodia a bit cheaper then would very much appreciate your feedback before I commit to spending a small fortune on flights!