Inquiry Submission By MarijaK

Hi everyone! The 2 of us are planning a trip to Sri Lanka or Cambodia in April. We couldn’t decide between safari in Sri Lanka and temples in Cambodia so we set it as aside as even and are looking for other factors that would help us make a decision.

We would have 12-14 days there, but if we choose Cambodia would take 2 days in Kuala Lumpur.


Siem Reap – 3 days for temples (3 day pass) + 1 or 2 days for some of the folowing: lotus farm, phnom krom, kompong phluk, phnom kulen waterfall, kompot province

Than go to Phnom Pehn for 2 days (don’t know what to see there) and the rest od vacation on the beaches.

Other temples that we would like to see are battambang and preah vihar, but maybe that’s to much temple time as we would like to see some nature?


4 days in and around Kandy + 2 days in Dambula to be closer to Sigirya and Anuradhapura (or maybe its the best just to stay in Galle and take a day trip to each but than we couldnt se the sunrise?)

Than we would take a train to Ella and stay there for 3 days and go to Little Adams peak, safari and maybe Ravana falls pr something similar.

The last few days -beachtime- around Marissa and Galle.

So now I’m wondering which of those is easier to go around since we usually rent a car but aren’t confident enough to do that there (maybe scooter for short distances?) and a car with driver is a bit expensier.

Which one has cleaner and prettier beaches?

Which one has more forests, waterfalls and nature in general – any easier accessible place recommendation?

Which one is cheaper in general? I saw some opposite informations…

Btw this is our first trip outside the Europe – furtherest we went were Iceland and Canarian Islands and we don’t want to go to Thailand now since we would need at least 3 weeks there to see north, Bangkok and islands.