Inquiry Submission By Travelglorious

Information for tourists using Cambodia Post in Siem Reap. The other day we went to buy stamps to send postcards to the UK. The lady behind the counter told us the stamps were $1 each. We had actually looked up the price of a stamp online beforehand and knew the stamps only cost 3000 riel (75c) and not 4000 ($1). When we told her this and asked her about the price again, with an all too knowing look and a grin from ear to ear, she said she had forgotten the price and it was actually 3000 riel! I appreciate it isn?t a huge difference in price, but it is if you have a large quantity of postcards to send and who knows what they are adding on to larger items! If you are sending anything, ask to see the stamp first as clearly they are taking advantage of unsuspecting tourists and skimming the profits.