Inquiry Submission By RG41084

I have a trip to Thailand planned for Christmas/New Years.

My current itinerary is land in Chiang Mai on December 22, fly to Phuket on December 24, visit an island or two, New Years Eve at Full Moon Party, and if I survive that, fly to Bangkok Jan 1 and then back to the states on Jan 2.

My situation has changed, and I will be able to add a week or two to my itinerary. If I can add one week, I was considering starting in Cambodia or some other SE Asia destination. Does anyone have advice on what makes the most sense? I prefer to only change my long haul flight on the way out, so I would like to make sure I am departing from Chiang Mai to Phuket as planned (unless there is a very compelling reason to change that too). In this case, I would prefer to get into Chiang Mai a day earlier so I have more time there, and I assume you would agree with that idea.

Is there time to do two locations prior to Chiang Mai? The problem I am having is that I can’t get a direct flight from Cambodia to Chiang Mai anyway, so I wanted to know if it makes sense to stop in Hanoi for a day or two and then go on to Chiang Mai (all cheap direct flights). I looked at Laos and Myanmar as well, and if there is a direct flight, it is super expensive.

Things to consider:

I will be doing this portion alone, so it is important that I stay in safe areas.

I don’t want to pack for two seasons, so anywhere that would require a lot of heavy clothing is not desirable

I would be happy doing almost anything – I could see temples, I could go to a beach, I could hike a mountain.

Thank you in advance for all your awesome advice!