Inquiry Submission By ElizabethGClaxton


My husband and I are hoping to visit for the first time in Nov, Please can you advise if the following plan looks ok, including transport options between places.

Also – does anyone have any recommendations for luxury retreat/boutique places near the coast in either Cambodia or Vietnam? Is Phu Coq an option for this? Any other options we can consider?

Hanoi 2 nights

Halong Bay 1 night

Hanoi 1 night

Hanoi airport flight to Siem Reap

Siem Reap 4 nights

4hr drive

Phnom Penh 4 nights

5hr drive / boat ride

Phu Coq or Sihanoukville? 4nights

flight From Sihanoukville or Phu Coq?

HCMC 3 nights then fly home

Many Thanks in advance for any advice on the above