Inquiry Submission By natalie4891


I?m struggling to get any clarification / information on how to renew my tourist visa.

I will need to do a border run from Kep to Ha Tien (it?s too late to extend with an agent as Khmer New year means it will take too long so my only option is a border run).

My only questions are

1. Can get a Vietnam visa at Ha Tien?

I?m British so can enter on a 15 day visa exemption – but does this apply at the land border?

2. Am I likely to face any issues in turning around and coming straight back in to Cambodia? I know people have had issues at the Thai border but I don?t think this is an issue at the Vietnam border?

I just need to know if it?s worth spending a day trying to do this or if it?s more trouble than it?s worth. All the info I am finding is conflicting and at this stage I?m tempted to either just overstay (it would be for 7 days but I?m nervous about what would happen at the airport and if it would affect getting in to other Asian countries) or if I just leave Cambodia altogether!