Inquiry Submission By Aqusite


Heading back to a 2nd trip to Cambodia in about a month — couldn’t stay away, and am this time bringing my spouse (who is a little pickier than I am, but nothing major; I can stay in a 2-star while he would prefer a 3-star for maybe $35-40 USD a night).

I really would prefer to give my money to Cambodians, so I am trying to find a nice hotel or guesthouse that is Cambodian-owned or at least owned by an expat. This info isn’t readily online. If anyone can recommend, I’d be grateful!

Last time, I stayed at the Golden Banana, which I loved, especially the location near Wat Damnak, but not near the busy-ness of the Hard Rock Cafe. It seems to now be a different hotel though? I don’t know about the ownership either. I would stay there again if I knew. Great restaurants nearby and easy to walk around.

Wat Bo area was also nice and local enough. Didn’t stay there, but it would have been good. A bit fewer restaurants, but that’s not a huge deal. A little further to town, but a tuk tuk ride is cheap enough (although I do really enjoy walking).

I also stayed at a hotel for a night kind of behind Pub Street as well, and it was awful because it was next to an elementary school, so I was woken up very early! That area was way too busy for me. It was locally owned though.

Looking for something with some charm (I’d like to impress my husband), excellent staff (make or break a hotel for me), unsure if a pool is needed in July what with the rain, and close to walking to the river. Nothing in the big complexes of hotels towards Angkor Wat and nothing right next to Pub Street.

Thanks for your thoughts! I’ve thought a lot about who I want to give my money to on this trip, and ideally, to actual Cambodians would feel the very best.