Inquiry Submission By PlantLover27

Hello. After spending three weeks in Thailand then arriving to Siem Reap, we noticed the Tuk Tuk drivers in Cambodia were really annoying in comparison. One asks you for a ride, you say no, then the one next to them asks you, yet to get the same response. It?s offputting to want to walk through the streets, especially pub street where they literally watch you eat your meal and once you get up to leave they pounce on you for their services.

I put this Tuk Tuk annoyance to their competitors which are the likes of the Pass App rickshaws which offer a great price that you can see before you book them. I wish we had known when we were in Siem Reap about this Uber-like app. It?s very convenient and allows you to save money and not get ripped off by the Tuk Tuk drivers.