Inquiry Submission By gerimce

Hi, I’ve been checking booking site & hostelworld for accommodation. We’re middle aged backpackers, done the shoestring backpacking a while ago, a number of times…this time hoping to find something flashpackerish…small steps:) For reasons I won’t bore you with, we have to move on from Kep on 5th Feb…Chinese NY & it seems everyone’s off to the beaches as I can’t find any thing suitable for a couple (clean, bungalow..pref on beach with private bathroom and options for decent food nearby). I’m tempted to rock up to either one of the islands, earliest I can get there, around midday and chance our luck as ‘walk in’s, is that foolish given the Chinese New Year holiday?

Any advice without sending us home, you can offer? Any places you know not to advertise on booking site/agoda etc?

Thanks in advance. From Kep.