Inquiry Submission By RobinandJulieTW

I know the question has been asked before, but I’m getting conflicting information and it seems that the rules and regulations may have changed very recently.

And I know that many people will advise not to do it because of the driving standards in Cambodia (and a million and one other reasons), but we’ve driven many thousands of miles in countries that include Thailand, India, Morocco, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Iceland (in winter) and many others, so challenging driving, crazy drivers, bad roads etc etc is not too much of a problem.

I know that until recently it was possible to get the car hire company to arrange a Cambodian driving licence on arrival for a small fee and within a few minutes. Some said they required a business visa not a tourist visa, and some wanted an International Driving Licence, some didn’t.

Now, some information suggests that it’s just not possible; some information suggests that it’s now legal in Cambodia to drive on a UK licence (with or without an International Driving Licence) for up to 30 days; some information suggests that nothing has changed. And I’m getting even less sense from the car hire companies in Phnom Penh.

We hope to travel in November this year, and cover around 2,500 miles over a period of between three and four weeks. The bottom line is that if we can’t hire a car in Cambodia, we’ll go somewhere else where we can do it. We love our “road trips”, and also having to hire a driver, for us is not an option – nothing to do with cost, we just wouldn’t enjoy it as much. But I really don’t want to spend months planning (to say nothing of making an effort to learn more of the Khmer language than I already know), start booking accommodation etc etc and then find at the last minute it can’t be done (or, worse, find that out on arrival).

Does anyone actually know the rules at the moment?