Inquiry Submission By Howard C

It was my first trip to Cambodia. I travel a lot, I don?t think I?m a naive person, I am usually pretty vigilant of my stuff and very cautious. Let me know what you guys think after my story. I never thought this to be possible.

I kept US dollars, cash in my backpack, I had about 6 bills in there. Two large bills ($200) and rest small bills ($20s and $10s). I later realize the $200 was taken but the small bills were still there.

I suspect that it was taken out of my backpack by Siem Reap airport security while going through the x-ray machine today. I?ve thought about it all day and I?m positive I did not lose it or misplace it. Here?s my theory on what I believe happened:

I went through the security and the metal detector went off. Meanwhile, my backpack is on the conveyor belt in the x-ray machine and out of my sight. Because the metal detector went off, I?m stopped and wanded. During this time, one of the employees rummaged the bag and took the cash, leaving the smaller bills in the hopes that I wouldn?t immediately realize anything was missing.

Other than that time, my backpack never left me. The only other possibility is that an extremely skilled pickpocket went into my backpack while I was wearing it and took it. However, I kept the cash inside a zippered pocket inside the backpacks larger compartment. That is, one would have to open two sets of zippers to get to it. To me, this is extremely unlikely.

I just want to share my story and see if anyone thinks this is possible, or any similar stories, or if I?m crazy or what. I have no way of knowing what really happened. But I?ve literally been running every possible scenario and thinking back on the whole day?s events ever since it happened. And this is what I think happened. If in fact that is what happened, it?s definitely an important lesson learned for me. I usually am pretty cognizant of my valuables and risk of theft but I never even thought that this could have been a risk or possibility.