Inquiry Submission By ralleman2016

Today I was stung with a bribe of US$7.50 by a dodgy pair of policemen in the Angkor complex while riding a scooter (the one doing most of the talking had badge number 78365 if interested). I told him, because all the information on the internet tells me this, that motorbikes under 125cc don’t require a license to drive in Cambodia. He said, no, that changed on 1 July 2018, now everyone needs a Cambodian license or an international driving permit recognised by Cambodia.

On the bribe, he quite openly admitted that there were two checkpoints catching foreigners on motorbikes and that I wouldn’t be stung again on the same day because he would take my license plate number down and give me a free pass if another checkpoint wanted to sting me with a bribe. He said there was a network of police doing this.

So, the question is about the date, 1 July 2018. Is this true. Do we need licenses now to drive these motorbikes?