Inquiry Submission By shutchisca

Since there do Not seem to be a lot of recent prices here and my driver is cheaper than the ones listed, I am adding this post.

Instead of signing up for an expensive tour to the temples of Angkor Wat, I met Vuth and took a chance. I am so glad I did. He offered to take us for $15. I did not haggle. That was for a full 8 hour day.

He is very professional. He shows up early. His English is good. He admitted that he does not know all the history but I gave him a guide book and he plans to study it. I suspect that he will make it available for you to use. While other tourists sought out their drivers in the parking area Vuth often found us first. He cared for our personal effects.

His tuk tuk is in good condition and it?s red colour made it easy to find.

He looked absolutely delighted with a $2 tip.

Vuth phone 011291393