Inquiry Submission By barryv

My 19 year old son is going to be working in Vietnam on an internship through his university. Wife and I are going to pick him up.

We are planning to go to Siem Riep- stay at the Golden Temple Villa Hotel for 4 nights starting Wed July 24 and are booking a 4 day private tour through Asean Angkor Guide and planning to depart Sunday.

Would love comments on the itinerary the travel company recommended for Siem Riep and what to do for 2 days after we are done there.

We need to be back in Ho Chi Minh for our flight home to the US on Saturday August 3rd.


Wed July 24( arrive 930)— Sunday July 28 AM-

July 28-30- Open( would love recommendations)

July 31-2– Hanoi

1) We want to spend 3-4 days in Hanoi so we have an extra 2 days in Cambodia-. We want to do some Nature time things:

for the Siem Riep 4 days- here is the itinerary they have presented( each day represents 1 day:

– Focus Temple Tours

-Kampong Phuk Villagte/Beng Mealea

– Angor Wat Sunrise

– Phnom Kulen mountain/ Wat Preah Ang Thom

-recommend– to go to circus/Malis restaurant/Apsara Show that comes with buffet dinner at Kulen II restaurant.– let me know your thoughts on these items.

– Is it worth going to Phnom Penh for 2 days but we prefer not to be in a city- definitely want natural beauty.

2)- Are there adventure/nature type things we can do from Siem Riep for 2 days- another words spend 2 nights in the mountains- non touristy etc.. or go to Pnom Penh and then fly ou tfrom Phnom Pen to Hanoi or go back to Siem Riep and fly from there.

Thanks for all of your help- TA Forums are the best- have posted a lot through the years and learned a lot!!