Inquiry Submission By Jos V

My creditcard does not work with AirAsia, it’s from the Dutch Rabobank and it is a well known issue, which is unlikely to be resolved.

The AirAsia app didnt solve it (this was a suggestion I found somewhere)

So I booked my flight through a third party where I could pay with PayPal (yes AirAsia also accepts PayPal for certain (Australian?) flights, but not mine). Unfortunately they could not add luggage, so I have to do it myself though AirAsia anyway, but then the same issue with my credit card.

So now I am looking into virtual prepaid creditcards. They sounds awesome to me.

Since I am in Cambodia (and I am from the Netherlands), I don’t want to sign up for something where they are going to send me a physical credit card. If there is something that is completely digital, then it sounds like a great option. Anyone paid their AirAsia flight/add-ons with a virtual creditcard that I can sign up for ‘instantly’ while being abroad?

Also BigPay (which is launched by AirAsia itself) sounds promising, but I see everywhere something about their physical credit card (and 5 or more days it takes to send it to you). So if this can work by just signing up, linking with phone and transfer money to it, then I will do it. Who has done it?

Other recommendations are welcome too of course.

I know I can just show up at the airport and pay the fee in cash, but it will be double the price.

AirAsia customer service is a useless chatbot which I tried, or Twitter/Facebook but I have to sign up for those just for this issue.

If I get useful responses here, it could help me on my further trip, since I would like to buy more AirAsia flights…