Inquiry Submission By Mr E

Hi all,

Visiting SR for the first time in January and looking for feedback on our proposed itinerary. As MrsE and I have never been to Angkor temples before, we are trying to work out how much we can (realistically) see during out 4.5 days there. Not sure if such time-frames are realistic or not!

Here is our current “draft” itinerary – please feel free to critique/comment/suggest our plans (please remember this is only a rough draft and subject to change (based on helpful suggestions!):

Day 0 – Arrive mid-morning and transfer to (pre-booked) hotel on Wat Bo Rd. At ~4pm take tuktuk to AW ticket centre and purchase 3 day pass. Continue on to AW to watch sunset from either Phnom Bakheng or (more likely Pre Rup given our desire to avoid massive crowds). Tuktuk back to SR and mosey over to Pub St for dinner and wander around night market (depending on jetlag!)

Day 1 – Arrive via Victory Gate at opening time then Angkor Thom (2hrs) and visit Temple of the Elephants (30 mins), Temple of the Leper King (30 mins) , etc and Bayon (2 hrs). After lunch, visit Ta Prohm (2 hrs) and Banteay Kdai (1 hr), Srah Srang (15 mins) and (time permitting) Banteay Samre (1 hr)

Back to hotel for swim and dinner followed by performance of Phare (Cambodian Circus)

Day 2 – Sunrise at Angkor Wat (already dreading the crowds) followed by visit to Angkor Wat temples themselves (3hrs in total) and Preah Khan (2 hrs). After lunch, brief visits to Ta Som and either Ta Nei or Ta Keo…back to hotel for massage and swim

Day 3 – Car and driver out to Koh Ker group of temples, coming back via Beng Mealea and (time permitting) Banteay Srei…appreciate this will be a long day with more than 5 hours travel time alone.

Day 4 – Morning trip out to Rolous Group (will these be underwhelming after other temples visited?), then back to hotel for swim in heat of the day. Mid-afternoon tuktuk out to AW to re-visit any temples we thought were worth it…

FYI, appreciate that we may get “templed out” with the above itinerary but just want to make the most of our time in SR. Some additional info on how, when and what we would like to see and do:

(1) Mrs E and I really dislike big crowds (but understand these may be unavoidable at AW!)

(2) Much more interested in seeking temples “in situ” of jungle (think Koh Ker, Beng Mealea or Ta Som;

(3) We have a couple of days in PP after SR so can (most likely) fulfill any “souvenir” purchases there

(4) Read too many bad reviews to visit floating villages in Tonle Sap

(5) We are not backpacking / hostelling so can spare $5 if it produces a much better holiday experience

All constructive thoughts/comments/suggestions/amendments etc welcome