Inquiry Submission By mrs_j_hyde

We will be arriving in Sihanoukville on a Princess cruise at the end of March this year. The ship will be in port from 7am to 4pm. Hoping the TA rumour that the port gates are 3km from the cruise ship is inaccurate. Cruise Critics suggests: “It’s about a five-minute walk to the entrance gate”.

Have searched TA for advice about “cruise” and “taxi” and get the impression that most people give up on independent options and either stay on the ship or take an expensive ship’s tour. Checked out Cruise Critic and disappointingly could find little useful info there.

Thinking of walking from the ship to White Horse Garden and One Lion Circle.

How feasible is it to then catch a taxi that could take us to Leu Pagoda, Phsar Leu Market, Golden Lions Roundabout, Wat Krom, Copy of Preah Vihea Temple, and then return to the ship? What would be a fair price for this sort of tour?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Edited: 9:40 pm, December 31, 2019