Inquiry Submission By blazert

We would organising a Yoga Retreat in Siem Reap amongst the magnificent and enchanting ruins and atmosphere. My husband and I visited this magical place a few years ago and loved it. Such a magical experience.

We will be looking at staying at a resort nearby Bugis Street and conduct daily travels to practise Yoga classes at the temples and ruins. Enjoying Yoga, meditation, energy and a chance to view the ruins. It’s like a Yoga Retreat Holiday. We are not looking for Venues already offering Yoga Retreats. We want to create our own itinerary and provide the classes ourselves.

Before we even think about this idea, we need to find out if we can conduct classes outdoors at the temples. If there are any restrictions and if we require special permissions. I have tried to search this information on line but only directed to Retreat Centers. I was wondering if anyone can assist with any information that would be helpful or direct to the correct search engine or organisation that can assist. Thank you