Inquiry Submission By Cwhee40

Day 1: Arrive, get passes, sunset at Pre Rup

Day 2: Sunrise at Angkor, Small Circuit (do you think we can see most of it by 3 or 4 if we don’t go back to the hotel for lunch?)

Day 3: Morning- Preah Khan and Ta Som then lunch and Beng Melea in the afternoon

Day 4: Free, maybe more temples or just chill

We don’t have a need to see everything, just some highlights. I really would like a relaxing last day, and I would really like to see Beng Melea. I’ve read crowds aren’t too bad at the end of the day and the light it nicer then, so that’s why I have it in the afternoon (and I’m not a huge fan of really early starts). I just don’t know if seeing a few Big Circuit temples in the morning first, then going there later makes sense. I’m thinking we would do tuk tuk that morning, go back near the hotel for lunch and then get a car to Beng Melea. We really like tuk tuk rides even though it takes longer, but is it a bad idea to take one to BM if it may be dark by the time we get back? Thank you!