Inquiry Submission By munkbunk


I’ve put together a draft itinerary for our trip to Cambodia this december. I think based on my research and our preferences we want to concentrate our time up in Siem Reap. We are nature people vs city. Also we are flying in/out of Singapore from the east coast and my son has his heart on visiting Sentosa island while my husband has his heart set on finishing up our vacay at a luxury beach resort. That being said, how does this sound?

12.18 Arrive Siem Reap (Activities will include: Angkor Was, Food tour, floating river village, possible quad bike)

12/19 Siem Reap

12.20Siem Reap

12/21 Siem Reap

12/22 Travel by train or van to Phnom Penh for 1 night

12/23 Mekong Delta Cruise

12/24 Mekong Delta Cruise

12/25 Mekong Delta Cruise

12/26 Fly Saigon to Singapore

12/27 Singapore

12/28 Singapore

12/29 Singapore

12/30 Bintan or Batam or Rawa

12/31 Beach resort

1/1 beach resort

1/2 travel to Singapore Airport/departure

does this seem doable? In my head it does not seem too jam packed but I have never traveled in this part of the world so would love feedback.