Inquiry Submission By Andres

Hi there,

I’m visiting Cambodia with my girlfriend end of November. Still early stages of planning the trip. If we cut out the couple days we were thinking of spending in Bangkok before Cambodia, it would give us about 8 days.

We were thinking of renting a motorcycle and riding from Phnom Pehn to Siem Reap, and then back, through whatever longest most interesting way we can find. I love travel photography and usually find non touristy rural areas and countrysides the most interesting to travel through, stopping at leisure to shoot photographs of the people and scenes.

Having said that, how unadvisable is it to travel around Cambodia via car or motorcycle? I have experience riding large adventure bikes off road and enjoy unpaved roads. I did about 1,000 km around Rajasthan earlier this year on a motorcycle and can deal with heavy/chaotic traffic.

What are some harder to reach and off-the-beaten path places to visit in Cambodia that would be more easily accesible by motorcycle?