Inquiry Submission By Susan D


I just thought that I’d share my experience of applying for an e visa.

It took only two hours from the time that I submitted my application until my approved visa came through. Amazing service and all due credit to the Department involved.

I was tossing up which way to go, e visa or visa on arrival, however I’m the type of person who has been known to get flustered when confronted with crowds and documentation to be filled out so I decided to try and reduce my level of anxiety and do as much as I can before I leave home.

I did have a little hiccup though. I found what I thought was the correct site and filled in the application, however when I reached the payment stage, it said the cost was $99, (US I think).

Now, from reading posts here on the Forum I knew that I should only be paying $36 US, so I googled again and found the correct site. I think I recall someone mentioning that the legitimate site had a URL ending in ‘kh’ so I found that and all was good. So, just be aware to check that you’re on the right site.

I also found the site very easy to navigate and the application easy to fill in, although I did require some technical help from a family member to have a photo of myself and a link to the photo of my passport transposed onto the application. This was only because I’m a bit of a dinosaur where new technology is concerned.

So, a week on Friday expect to see a cool and collected ‘mature aged’ lady breeze through immigration ready for her Siem Reap adventure!