Inquiry Submission By Steptoad

I applied for my eVisa 24 hours ago. I land in Siem Reap morning of 22nd Sep and fly out the evening of the 24th. The visa asked for Date of Entry which I added.

I’ve just been reading posts about how long it takes for the visa to process, and come across information that they are only valid for 3 MONTHS after it’s been authorised.

Is this true? I never saw anything on the eVisa page to indicate this. 3 months from today is 18 September, so assuming I get it within the next day or two it expires a few days before I’m set to arrive in Siem Reap

Anyone know anything about this? What can I do? Are they going to process it after seeing my entry date and knowing I will not be able to use it? Should I email them?

Edited: 1 year ago