Inquiry Submission By 170minr

In my first hour in this hole my phone was stolen by a teenager on the back of a bike on a main road. Clearly they’ve done this before numerous times as they knew how to weave in and out of traffic. I gave chase but to mo avail motorbike too fast. My own fault forgetting to complacent. But what really annoyed me is the lack of help from locals they didn’t evem try do nothing to stop them. Didn’t help me, i asked a local to CH ase them with me on the bike nothing. I asked 5 tuk tuk drivers where the station was was told yes yes yes. Went to shops asked where is police was told no no. Went to a police officer too only to be told no. So then it gets worse. Went to a police station it was manned by a family. Went to a different one i could have taken everything there nobody would have known because they was asleep. The man took me to a.different station only to be told to fill a complaint form which wasn’t even worth the paper it was printed on.

Even my hotel which is amazing the staff all they said was oh i don’t know. I am planning to fly out tomorrow as this place is a tip

siem reap is 100 better.