Inquiry Submission By Abe B

We have less than 2 days (probably only 1.5 days) at Siem Reap. Ideally, the first half-day and the evening we would like to consider a sunset tour (does not have to be biking, but biking preferred) followed by some kind of dinner with an optional show and the next day we prefer an all day sunrise biking tour. This is our first time in Cambodia, and we will be jet lagged (travelling from the US).

– Does the above plan make sense? Is 1.5 day enough? We may be able to add additional 0.5 day at the end depending on the departure flight. Any recommendation?

– We are 60+ years olds but capable of cycling 20-25 miles on a flat moderate trail. We prefer not to bike on a difficult terrain. Will a bike tour of Angkor Wat be appropriate for us?

– Is biking safe? We prefer manual bicycles and not motorized bikes.

– Are there bike tours that cover all major Angkor Wat highlights?

– Planning trip for late December. Will the temperature be comfortable for biking? Hopefully, not too hot.

– Are there recommendations for 2-nights accommodations and cultural evening shows to complement the biking-heavy schedule?

– Any high priority experience missing from this 1.5 day plan?

Edited: 3:54 pm, November 07, 2019