Inquiry Submission By Lauren B

Hi All,

Need some help from the experts!

Im in the early stages of planning a 9N trip to Cambodia – will be in September 2019 (apperently not ideal weather wise, but its the only time we can come).

Preliminary, I have;

Day 1: Fly into Phonm Pehn

Day 2-3: Phnom Pehn

Day 4: Phnom Pehn to ?

Day 5: ?

Day 6: ? – Siem Reap

Days 7 – 9: Siem Reap

Day 10: Fly out of Siem Reap

My main questions are; is there anywhere ‘logical’ I should fill day 5 with. The intial plan was to go to Kampot (seems as thought it would suit our interests more), but given the time of the year and the fact that there may be some backtracking (?) I was thinking that maybe Battambang may be the best option? With that said, is two nights sufficient enough to see Battambang?

Failing all of that, I was thinking of just adding the two extra nights to Siem Reap – is Battambang a ‘do-able’ day trip from Siem Reap, or has anyone got any suggestions on a couple of ‘nice days out’.

Likely mode of transport will be bus (however absolutely NO night buses), or train to Kampot from PP if we decide to go there.