Inquiry Submission By GeekExplorer

My flight from Luang Prabang is arriving in Siem Reap at 4 PM. If the flight lands on time (I already have a visa) would I have enough to go directly to the Angkor Wat ticket office to buy tickets? Or rather what is the latest I should leave the airport to be able to make it to the ticket counter before it closes?

Its 11.8 kms from airport to the ticket office: goo.gl/maps/3EZ5SnDyX7q. If I l am able to leave the airport by 4:45 PM and make it to the ticket office by 5:15 PM, I should be good? Any later and probably I should abandon my plans to buy tickets on the day of arrival?

I am trying to save time and not line up for ticket early next morning.