Inquiry Submission By Alex Palma

Does somebody know why same flight with Cambodia Angkor Air is cheaper than Vietnam Airlines one? I am interested in a flight from Da Nang to Siem Riep on September 9. Two flights just appear on the search, but they seem to be the same flight, they have the same origin and destiny, with same timetable, but one belongs to CAA and the other one belongs to VA (operated by CAA, more coincidences). Obviously, I’d prefer the cheaper one, which is the CAA one. But I was reading some forums about CAA and people talk about being cheated with the baggage weight, they are not very pleased. The difference between the two flights is 50?. Does VA have less restrictions about baggage policies? As far as I know CAA lets carry a bag up to 7kg, but they punish with 5? with every kg excedeed.