Inquiry Submission By Bendyp

Hi all, looking at flights from London and would really appreciate your views on our flights to Siem Riep via Bangkok.

Roughly same price for flights to Bangkok with both BA and Thai air, not sure which to go for.

Timing of BA flights better as gets to Bangkok earlier the next morning, we would then catch internal flight and get to SR (Air Asia) around 3pm. Thai air has later evening flight from London, we could then book ongoing internal flight with them from BKK to SR ( 4 hr layover at BKK) which will cost around œ70pp more than using Air Asia ( smoother transit?) – get into SR around 8.30 pm.

In a nutshell – BA: not so good reviews for flight in comparison although has better timings, or Thai air: much better reviews for quality of flight, arrive a few hours later at SR. Is it worth paying more for Thai Air internal flight for continuity or booking with Air Asia which will get us there an hour or so earlier and be cheaper?.

Thanks, Bendy