Inquiry Submission By Aqusite

I know, I know, I meant to get passport photos in the U.S., but they are really difficult where I live ($28 for two, and a long drive, like at least an hour round trip, plus a wait time).

So I just am sitting here, about to leave to the airport in two hours, thought I had photos, had “get photos” checked off on my “to do” list (from like two months ago) looked, and no, I have no photos.

Should be no problem for VOA normally; I noted that when I went a year ago, they just scanned my passport at the Phnom Penh airport and charged a few dollars.

Except this time, I’ve changed my hair from black to light blonde, pretty dramatically.

I shouldn’t be so nervous. They wouldn’t send me home on an 18-hour flight because I’d bleached my hair, would they? Would they?

Can anyone reassure me, kindly?

Also, I am heading onwards to Laos, where they are slightly pickier, if I recall. Can you recommend a place to get passport photos in Siem Reap, please? Somewhere downtown? I’m not in Phnom Penh very long, but in SR for about a week.

Talk me off the ledge here. There’s nowhere within about 50 miles to even get a passport photo, and I’m cleaning my house and waiting for my cab to a bus to the airport.