Inquiry Submission By Fpo

Hi everybody,

I am flying to Thailand middle of December, then on the 20th Dec I am flying to Hannoi.

After leaving my hotel in Hannoi on the 25/12 I have 4 days gaps (which I would like your advise of where to go) whilst enjoying the best places, without wasting time until I reach Siemp Remp on the 25/12.

I am due to be Siem Remp from 25/12 until 02/01/19.

Can someone advise after Hannoi where should I spend these 4 days prior going to Siem Remp?

And do I need a visa to go back to Thailand from 02/01 until 18/01/19? I am british citizen.

From Siem Remp which city in Thailand should i go that will be closer to kho phi phi and kao tao, kho.Pangam.. other nice islands

Thank you all.