Inquiry Submission By Charles Bez

Hello friends,

I have already checked many websites about this trip, but I have 2 questions for which I didn’t find any answer!

-Which option is the fastest to get to the ferry pier? Taxi or Tuk tuk? While this might seem obvious I wonder if in the traffic, tuk tuk might slalom between cars and get us there faster.

-Has anybody already tried the fishing boats to get to Koh Rong? If so, can we find one after the last ferry?

We are flying to Sihanoukville from Siem Reap and our flight has a delay, since I booked every hotels including the one in Koh Rong I would lose my deposit if I couldn’t get there on the day we arrive, and seeing the comments from the forum about Sihanoukville, I would really better not stay there even if it is just for a night…! Arriving at 15:20 at the airport, it might be very tight to get on the last ferry…!

Thanks in advance!