Inquiry Submission By AnaLinda M

I’m sure there are other messages but I can’t find other discussion that is recent.

We have only 13 days for Vietnam and a short trip Anghor Watt 4-days..including travel for the ruins. The itinerary in Vietnam starts in Hanoi. It’s a 20-hour flight from the US. So we’re thinking of flying to Hanoi and directly onto Siem reap. Then have three and a half days at the ruins. Fly back to Hanoi.

Is this reasonable? We are willing to hire a tuck each day that we are at the ruins and hopefully we can find a beautiful smaller hotel with air conditioning and maybe a small pool and good food to keep it simple in Cambodia do you have suggestions for reliable airlines from Hanoi to Siem reap moderately priced facilities in Siem reap and good tuk tuk company?

how long does it take between Siem reap and anchor what do you have to go by private car 4 is taxi or talk talk better?

We need to make this somewhat affordable.

Thank you!