Inquiry Submission By Nikki T

I’m going to be travelling directly over to Sihanoukville at the start of my holiday (and then traveling on to Siem Reap after this) – I’ve found lots of guidance around getting a SIM card in Phnom Peng or Siem Reap but not any information about Sihanoukville. I’m intending to head straight for Koh Rong once I arrive so my preference would be to get it at the airport. Additionally I’ve checked my phone compatiability and as I have an older phone only SMART, Cellcard and Metfone are fully compatiable. From research SMART seems the best for me but willing to go with one of the others as all three would suit my needs

1. Is there anywhere in Sihanoukville airport to buy a SMART, Cellcard or Metfone SIM?

2. I’ve found a SMART store in Sihanoukville (bit out of the way but doable) but would it have tourist SIMs available?

3. If I head down to the docks, would there be any stores there which would sell these SIM cards?