Inquiry Submission By Andrew_Alin

My wife travelled with Giant Ibis this morning from Bangkok to Siem Reap, while I am still in Bangkok finishing up a few things. She has just contacted me, about her horrible experience on this trip.

Both of us have taken this route with Giant Ibis several times before, in both directions – However, there was a member of staff neither of us recognised on today’s bus. The driver was a familiar face, and friendly as usual. The “helper” however, was anything but. Anything but helpful that is.

Main issues of concern:

– Repeated attempts to intentionally brush against my wife’s chest. Would respond angrily and very rudely in khmer when asked to desist.

– Refused to provide assistance with entry/departure cards when asked.

– Refused to give directions on where to go for immigration clearance (my wife said there was a detour due to construction work today).

– Verbal abuse in the form of a screaming fit, along with some choice swear words in khmer, when my wife arrived back to the bus late, due to being held up by long queues clearing immigration. HOWEVER several backpackers who were significantly later than her were treated politely…

– Refused to supply my wife with lunch/snacks/water, although they are included in the ticket price, and had been supplied to all other passengers on board the bus.

designual harassment, assault, abuse, discrimination. None of these are acceptable behaviours by bus attendants. Especially so for a company that markets itself as providing a superior service.

The Trip Advisor community has a right to know, hence this post. You’ve been warned.

I have attempted to resolve this by lodging a complaint with Giant Ibis’ online chat helper, but was basically told that they didn’t care or want to know about it.

As a very frequent traveller to both Cambodia and Thailand (as well as between the two), I will certainly be warning friends, family, business colleagues, and fellow travellers, to refrain from using Giant Ibis’ Bangkok->Siem Reap service.

If the Giant Ibis representative who frequently visits these forums is reading this, I welcome you to contact me directly via PM, as I believe the repeated designual harassment of a passenger is a serious police issue.