Inquiry Submission By CHOCABLOC

I have bought lots of wipe clean writing books, pens, sweets, toys etc. Should have bought these in Cambodia but on a recent trip to gambia we bought footballs, torches and clothes in advance as its cheaper here. And bought some extra over there with a tour guide. We won’t be using a guide so wondered how the best way to do this will be, trust is a big thing with donations hoping they go to the right people. Read the posts about orphanages etc won’t be just dropping by.I usually visit schools or villages with my son where there is high need or poverty,I don’t need to do this as it can be demeaning for them. Don’t mind giving to struggling charities etc but know there are a few wheeler dealers as there are in any country. In terms of adults is there anything I can but cheaply here that’s hard to get in Cambodia that might be helpful.