Inquiry Submission By Ekbr

So we have just finished our Cambodian Holiday and we have a few tips for newbies because despite reading the forums we came away with alot of mixed ideas and payed the price.

1. Take SMALL US notes.and make sure they have no marks or tears. Even the Visa office at the airport gave us their ripped notes that no one would accept and we found it very difficult to find anywhere that would give us smaller currency. Most people here will try give you unusable money they got elsewhere as change and then you will be left with usless money.

2. Watch the Tuk Tuk drivers. They will not give you your change. Use Grab!

3. Watch the hotels with you laundry. Take luggage scales to weigh your washing and take a pic. They try to charge you more saying if was heavy. Also expect some to go missing! And they deny it did.

4. Buy a $1 poncho and take it everywhere…you may need one out of the blue.

5. Even covered in insect repellent and clothes….you will still get mozzie bites.

6. Before booking hotels & tours FULLY REVIEW them on trip advisor only! There you will get honest opinions and can decide for yourself.

7.Download XE Currency converter so you can work out whether or not you are getting a bargain.

This is the most amazing place to holiday. Enjoy but be wary ­čÖé