Inquiry Submission By Richard M

The Cambodian government is considering a potential state of emergency, either a “minor” state of emergency where people are asked to stay in their homes OR a “critical” state of emergency where “all citizen?s rights are revoked,? he said. ?People are not allowed to travel and gather, among many things.?

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So, not knowing how things will progress I HIGHLY recommend any tourists and expats to either leave Cambodia ASAP or get to some place where you know and trust the local Cambodians. You very well may be stuck inside for days, weeks, or months to come.

If you are still a tourist in Cambodia please follow the news several times a day. The Phnom Penh Post, Khmer Times and the Cambodia News English are all decent sources for the news in English. Also, follow the news from your embassy daily. Get on their email list so you can be kept up to date.

Be safe and careful everyone.